ITI is here to make sure your first step toward the marketplace comes with bare-minimum operating costs.

Nearly all businesses use some type of mechanical equipment to keep things up and running, but what happens when a baker’s over stops distributing heat evenly? Or when a plant begins experiencing abnormal capacity levels? The result falls somewhere between larger utility costs and complete shutdown. Either way, undetected problems lead to decreased profit and employee hazards.


Let us be your first step toward maximizing production.

Many business owners rely on ITI, not only to locate, but to prevent bigger mechanical problems that would otherwise go undetected without one of our thermal scans.  In fact, more and more insurance companies require a regular maintenance program, so let us know how we can assist.


Work smarter, not harder.

Sometimes machines don’t show obvious amounts of lagging output until you’ve got a serious problem ready to cost thousands in repairs. As you’ll see, our form of preventive maintenance pays for itself every single time.  Schedule an appointment today!