roof moisture

Get it right the first time by eliminating the guesswork.

As roofing systems are often the most expensive structural component, dealing with moisture damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our innovative techniques will undoubtedly show you the secret to maximizing your roof’s lifespan lies in its upkeep and preventative maintenance. With ITI, you’ll know you’re making a money-saving decision.

roof moisture

Don’t spend your time and money chasing leaks

Water can be tricky and troublesome because it doesn’t always reveal itself near the source of leakage.  We’ll quickly locate your moisture-entry point to prevent bigger problems later.

water leak

A proactive approach SAVES money while a reactive approach COSTS money.

Contacting ITI is a critical step for avoiding any number of unbudgeted future problems destined to be much larger. These may range from interior damage to increased energy costs due to wet insulation, which over time spawns extreme health and safety hazards.  Don't settle for someone's guesswork.  Schedule an appointment today!